About Us

Febmex Tutorial And Computer Academy is an information communication technology(ICT) center and tutorial center with a wide range of programmes to develop the individual and make him/her competent in the ICT world.

FTCA is one of the leading West African information technology colleges with courses to keep you fit for the labour market.

FTCA has a solid and untarnished reputation with unbeatable standard for producing genius in every field of life as far as education is involved.

We offer all the benefits of helping our prospective student secure a good and well paid job after the programme.

We also provide you with features such as becoming a professional computer user without leaving your office and with fee very affordable

Why Study With Us?

  • Quality study materials designed for home study
  • Competent and practical Computer Training
  • The Freedom to study at your leisure time
  • The widest range of courses for today's world
  • Affordable and easy payment options
  • Ongoing study support and individual attention from qualified tutors.

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